“Honor is straight-talking, knowledgeable, focused and hyper-organised – but smart and creative, too. She will find a needle in a haystack if that is what you’re looking for, and isn’t afraid to put people forward who challenge your preconceived ideas. I have been both a candidate and a client for Honor and know she is empathetic and skilled at working with people – she gets the best from (the successful and the unsuccessful) candidates and simultaneously is a valuable partner to her clients.” 

Katie Vanneck-Smith
CEO, Hearst UK

“Finding the right Non-Execs for a business can be a challenging process. Honor and the Kynigos team not only helped us define the criteria but worked tirelessly and professionally to assemble a truly impressive list of potential candidates. Honor was there at every stage to assist and guide us and we are delighted with both the process itself and crucially the outcome.”

James Tye 
Non-Executive Chair

“Honor is very well networked within the media and entertainment industry, she takes the time to identify talent across the sector and nurtures these relationships over many years.  Not only does this approach allow her to track people through their careers, but it keeps her knowledgeable and current about the sectors in which they operate.  

Therefore, when she takes on a new assignment, she already has a deep understanding of the sector and is intimately familiar with the likely candidate pool, which allows her to skilfully place candidates with the right skill set, experience and fit into the right roles.  

In my case, Honor and I had been in touch for close to a decade before we connected on this role, which turned out to be the perfect fit for my skills, experience and interest.” 

Sangeeta Desai
Board Chair
Mopar Studios

“We worked with Honor on a complex search, which concluded successfully and in record time. Honor immediately zoomed in on what was most important in the role and challenged us to create the same focus. Her expertise in the complex and rapidly evolving work of media is unrivalled, and that comes across not only in her contacts but also her ability to think laterally and suggest talent and strategies that serve the future of our business not just the present. She marries this expertise with complete rigour on process and diligence on talent profiles and references which allows the process to be both fast but also highly detailed. And equally importantly she is hugely empathetic, seeking to really understand the people behind the searches, both the candidates and hiring managers/stakeholders.”

Kate Ward
Vice Studios

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